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‘Empathy’, is a 21st-century skill, which has the ability to improve the world. We believe if you have someone who listens to you with patience and understanding, Ninety percent of your problems seem smaller than you thought them to be. From our experience of life, we very strongly advocate that all the solutions to our problems are ‘inside us’. All you need is clarity of thought.
Talk to Big Ears - We Hear You, is an emotional first aid call-in - service available to anyone who needs it and reaches out to talk about their problems. Talking helps you to identify your problem which is the first step towards reaching a solution and healing.
You talk and we hear you with our hearts through our big ears and help you towards a Holistic Life.

To reintroduce the diminishing values of Kindness and Empathy in Society, with a view to further inculcate Understanding, Respect, and Tolerance towards one another.

To be an empathetic and non-judgemental listener for any person struggling alone with emotional distress.

Our motto
Each one of us deserves to be happy and live fully !!!


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Feedback from a caller

Sangeet Growar
Sangeet Growar

Big ears is truly big in all aspects. More than just lending an ear, they touch your core too. By listening more they give u a chance to listen to yourself too and this becomes the starting point for a change in the way u start looking at all your issues. For me, they have been more of a guide, a friend and truly a life changer. I will highly recommend anyone with internal conflicts to talk to them.

Mohit Talwar
Mohit Talwar

when i called Big Ears i was very depressed and lonely after talking to a listing buddy it made me feel better about my self and made me realise that talking about my feelings helped me feel much better and positive.

Alok Nanda
Alok Nanda

I chanced upon this Talking service in the middle of a job issue. As I spoke about my issue, the Talk to Big Ears buddy kept on assuring it was going to be alright. The Listening buddy’s calm demeanor and speaking style calmed me down. I was ready to face the issue at hand quickly after the call

Anu Gupta| British High Commission, New Delhi
Anu Gupta| British High Commission, New Delhi

Many thanks for the session today.
It was a great session – lot of colleagues came back to me to thank you for your time. I have shared your co-ordinates as given in the last slide so some people may reach out to you.
Once again, many thanks for your time and for helping us on our wellbeing journey.
Thank you and regards,

British High Commission, New Delhi India
British High Commission, New Delhi India

Thank you once again for taking the time out for a session with us last week. It was an engaging and useful session and we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from colleagues who attended. We have had feedback saying how helpful the session was, how useful the exercise was and how fabulous the takeaways from the session were. A big thank you once again and hope to see you soon again for more such sessions. Also highlighting feedback received from one of our colleagues below.
It is really nice that mental health is a priority for our organisation and appropriate measures are taken to address it. In the session both Anjali and Dharini elaborated probably the two most critical things responsible for good mental health - presence of a good connection between our emotional states, and instituting a daily routine that supports our long term goals which build resilience. The first was done through the younger self exercise and second was shared in terms of having a routine to minimise dissipation of energy in small decisions, eating well, regulating the sleep cycle and physical activity. It was good overall and I am sure they would have shared more if we had world enough and time.

Arun Gopal
Arun Gopal

Actually, I called via the app just to try the service. It was easy to connect. The service is available all day long. I discussed a close friend's situation. I was being affected by his anxiety to crack the exams. I heard that I will be okay. It's valid to be affected by people around us. Later, my friend also called the Big Ears buddy. Thank you, Team!

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