Each one of us has to realize that we have our unique and distinct role in enriching and beautifying Life.

We owe it to ourselves to look after ourselves well, first, only then would we be in a position to look after people and things around us.

5 simple steps towards an initiation on the holistic life path :

1 - Breathe properly ( calm and fuller breaths)

2- Eat properly ( you are what you eat, respect your body and feed it healthy food regularly )

3 - Drink water (At least 2 liters of water to help the digestive system )

4 - Sleep adequately (the number of hours you need to get up fresh is your ideal sleep time )

5 - Exercise daily ( to keep yourself active and alert any form of physical activity like walking, running, stretching, and yoga is a must )

6 - Introspection ( think before you act and meditate daily Will go a long way in keeping your mental clutter away ).

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